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well, watch out, if you dive into this thing too fast...ahh, you're doing it anyway, oh boy, hardly anybody wants to listen to me anymore, but you reckon you want to know it, you really want to know it, well watch out, here comes the sentence where the plug blows out, where you are pummelled by a hail of ecstasy, yeah, the neuron-pumping-cranking sentence, the sentence which sounds loud in your head, which sets you free, and - have you got it yet? exactly, you are already in the sentence, because you've now noticed, now at the latest, that I'm writing it for YOU, that you can't think of anything else apart from how much space it takes to follow the chain of my thoughts, and that's just the state, the state which I'm leading to, because there isn't any space left for two thoughts, read FASTER, rush IN, no observer can be detected, you are identical with this phrase, you move, you parse, you find yourself in motion, ha! have you worked out what it's all about???? Q!

The freaksverse does exist! You are in here.


Alle Texte im freaksverse sind reine Dichtung zur Belustigung des freaks ITSELF. Heißen Dank an den freaksverse Web Pages Maintainer! Es sei das Heilige Chaos!

Wormhole One (agent@fiction.pb.owl.de)

Die folgenden Texte verstehen sich als von der Gesamtheit der freaks Cyberkommune geschrieben, sofern nicht anders angegeben. Ich bin bisher nur das Interface. :-)

A. F.
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