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----------------------------------------------------------------------- In a message dated 98-05-18 14:14:41 EDT, af writes: Good opportunity to talk about x-core list descended from freaks list. There is neither discussion on becoming of universe nor scientific investigation in anything nor any heavy demand on anyone at all. Same in Leri list today - what i see. We use to talk personal issues in order to inform and enjoy each other. Sometimes we meet. Reflected from distance, we maintain a state i tend to call "mental highness". We keep an open mind. We watch evolution of cyberspace. The more or the less, we participate in psychedelic movement. We stay together. There is friendship between the most of us. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- In a message dated 98-05-19 05:50:23 EDT, gf writes: OK - freaks are now x-core. I suspect there is a lot of talent lying latent in the group, and you may be doing more than you know. By staying connected, both on the net and in the flesh, you are experimentally creating a new kind of community. I think that's important. There is still a lot of distrust of the net as a vehicle for bringing people together, a perception that the net is an artificial and inferior substitute for real life. I don't think that is true at the present, and as we learn to use the net more effectively in the future it will become even more valuable as a way of bringing people together. As explorers of cyberspace and psyche-space you're mapping out new and better ways of living - how well is it working? ----------------------------------------------------------------------- In a message dated 98-05-21 14:41:05 +0100, af writes: Indeed, the group is idling along. In the beginning of freaks, same in Leri, i think, people explained the world. Today, world is already explained. In cyber commune, different people, ages, social classes, nationalities, life styles, pathes, ways of thinking, traditions, wisdoms got together. A mixture that didīnt exist before. Plus, besides the meme explosion happened to us, and this is a very important point in our case, psychedelics have dramatically amplified the mutual exchanging of personal characteristics. We are still groking the experience, testing the new intelligence that has come onto us. In the first place, we need reflection on the strange and great process that has kicked us. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Copied from: x-core.ultracool.de Last modified: Wed May 27 23:41:25 1998